Crony [noun]

Definition of Crony:

ally, companion

Synonyms of Crony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crony:

Sentence/Example of Crony:

Cohen and his cronies always make sure that it’s socially acceptable to laugh at his American targets.

Perhaps more interesting than the straight-up fraud perpetrated by King and his cronies is the history of the entire country of Liberia.

"God bless me, crony; we ought to do these fine things and yet stay Catholics," cried the jeweller.

He had known something of the Erringtons for many years, having been a crony of old Maxfield's once upon a time.

I think every family should have a dog; it is like having a perpetual baby; it is the plaything and crony of the whole house.

It is something that happened to—Tom Wyld, an old crony of mine out on the other side.

But I take it that it is more likely to be some crony of the landladys.

“I think you dropped this,” murmured the crony of Langridge.

Lucy had only time for a whisper—a last injunction—to her faithful crony.

Or in a taproom he buys a round of ale and becomes a crony of the place.