Pal [noun]

Definition of Pal:

person's friend

Synonyms of Pal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pal:

Sentence/Example of Pal:

Pal's sent me for you—he knows you, but you mightn't remember him.'

I seen our other pal lay in HIS stock of old rusty second-handers.

He had just taken it for granted his pal had been through an experience the same as his own.

Surely his pal was not falling in love with this Theronian empress!

It was clear that Phaestra had wanted his pal, needed him—come for him.

There are two of us in 'the lay,' and my 'pal' is the readiest pistol in Europe.

Just look at the story of how he got rid of that pal of his!

In the great days, or more exactly in the great nights, he had been a pal of M. P.

Forrester wished that Diana would do more than treat him like a pal.

Like the bear cub, Pal had had no experience with a porcupine to teach him prudence.