Mate [noun]

Definition of Mate:

one of a pair; partner

Synonyms of Mate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mate:

Sentence/Example of Mate:

The mate had done what he could to prejudice the captain against the boy he hated.

From his dress, and the commands he appeared to be issuing, Robert judged that it was the mate.

The mate with one of the crew came ashore in the boat for help and a doctor.

Next day, the discharged man and the second mate were pressed.

There was a regular hard horse of a boatswain's-mate with us, of the name of McNally.

No one was up on board of her, and I was obliged to give the mate a call, myself.

About four, I saw the land myself and pointed it out to the mate.

Captain Johnston had the matter explained, and he discharged the mate.

On board this vessel I shipped as mate, bound to Philadelphia.

The mate we lost had been a great favourite, and we seemed to think if he went we must go too.