Spouse [noun]

Definition of Spouse:

one of a married couple

Synonyms of Spouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spouse:



Sentence/Example of Spouse:

Her voice was pleasant as she asked: "Martin, did you hear your spouse just now?"

I am told he even built a mansion for her while the spouse was in London on business.

The spouse of the Yellow Lord is mentioned in the same connection.

Her duty accomplished, she was now returning to him, for she was spouse as well as mother.

"And of course he said nothing of the kind," retorted his spouse.

Say not your prophets that the Truth should be the spouse of those who love the Truth?

To-morrow, Galtinardus, you will be my spouse and my father.

As he was at prayer, it was said to him, "Fear not that charge; she is my spouse."

Thus the Dolichean Baal stood on a steer, and his spouse on a lion.

Sister Southesque and my spouse make their compliments to you.