Helpmate [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Helpmate:

I have promised on your behalf that you will be a good and faithful helpmate to him before God and man.

She is not strong, and not good-looking, and not young; but what a splendid helpmate she would be for a sensible, cultivated man!

But her life was busy and earnest: she was helpmate, not in name only, to an ever-busy man.

Abby'll make a man a good, vigorous helpmate, and she'll bring him money in time.

Compare a bachelor's house with the same house after its master has taken to himself a helpmate.

In losing his son, poor Vassily has also lost his wife, his helpmate and friend, for the unfortunate woman takes to drink.

In this sense, Charlie Wah Loo, with his washtub and irons, is his own beloved helpmate.

So as my helpmate Joanna come not here, I care not how long the troops delay in arriving.

He will see in you a girl of pure gold; a sweet, natural, sensible girl, who will be a helpmate to him and not a drawback.

The husband told them they were welcome, while the slatternly helpmate said nothing, but did her part with commendable diligence.