Foe [noun]

Definition of Foe:

person who is an opponent

Synonyms of Foe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foe:

Sentence/Example of Foe:

At last, tired of fighting an unseen foe, the men arose to their feet, and with a wild cheer sprang forward.

Be this as it may, his conduct during the campaign justified the suspicion with which he was regarded by friend and foe.

Soult, by every effort of voice and gesture, attempted to force his veterans to face the foe, but in vain.

As his system is the foe of all artificial methods, it is par excellence the “Natural” System.

To be sure, I could not see where he could be of much assistance; but we had a common aim and a common foe.

On their march the Americans had to fight a hidden foe who slipped from trench to trench, or found safety in the woods.

Nervy as men are made, MacRae worshiped at the shrine of an even break, a square deal for friend or foe.

They are each a place of greater or less strength raised for defence, not against the others, but against a common foe.

My head swam beneath his blows, and I released my almost vanquished enemy to face the new foe with upraised fists.

Its duty is, like that of any three-decker, to guard the merchant service from a dangerous foe.