Rival [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rival:

His rival could no longer enjoy the boat which he had envied him.

Until this visit of Austin he had no idea that he would find a rival in his brother.

It is considered to be, without a rival, the most beautiful tomb in this country.

She knew what it must have cost the man to clear his rival's name.

This degrading humiliation of his rival must certainly be turned to account.

Why did you pretend to be my counsellor and friend, when you were my rival?

To Mrs. Beaufort a rival, to Mr. Beaufort an encumbrance on the property.

This was the rival whose place I had virtually, though not officially, usurped.

My scheme was—and is—to be a rival de luxe of Cook on the Nile.

There came instead, at that instant, a rival roar from outside.