Emulating [verb]

Definition of Emulating:

copy the actions of

Synonyms of Emulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emulating:

Sentence/Example of Emulating:

They watch all these mobile quarterbacks and they emulate them.

The vaccine uses mRNA, a never-before-approved technology, that uses genetic material to trick cells into producing a protein that emulates the virus.

For Eleanor he was the best supercharged citizen to emulate.

The Nebraskan doesn’t emulate the technique of the Washington painters, notably Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland, who came to prominence six decades ago.

In their general structure and function, deep nets aspire loosely to emulate brains, in which the adjusted strengths of connections between neurons reflect learned associations.

Conflict is on America’s streets in 2020, and “tactical apparel” has become a lifestyle industry serving militarized law-enforcement agents and the freelance gunmen who emulate them.

I’ve learned to not try and emulate the style of chocolates other companies were making, but instead to make chocolate that our community appreciates, and that highlights my heritage.

That doesn’t mean you can’t improve, or that we have nothing to learn from emulating great runners.

“That’s when we realized the potential this has for emulating the long-term learning process of a synapse,” said Keene.

But it is emulating Mrs. Partington and her mop to attempt to preach down a (p. 206) world.