Ditto [noun]

Definition of Ditto:

the same; duplicate

Synonyms of Ditto:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ditto:

Sentence/Example of Ditto:

The northern aisle is occupied below with free seats; and above, in a gallery, with ditto.

For a week past, the house had been tolerably well filled—ditto Mrs. Sutton's hands; ditto her great, heart.

Sam has been got out of the way by a cooked-up story, ditto your manager.

And now a cold little hand was stretched out from the left bed towards her, and a cold little hand from the right bed did ditto.

Lot 176—Frock coat and vest, dress coat and vest, ditto, pair of trousers and opera hat.

And is strenuously doing so, by all methods; especially by heroic expenditure of money, and ditto exposure of his Martial Boy.

Figs. 55 and 56, ditto, with rudimentary stop, the flanges more developed; in my collection.

Some birds as food, some fishes as ditto; beeves as food and sometimes as appliers of strength; horses in both characters.

I got some lately from Bombay, exactly ditto with our Causeway.

I noticed you filling up on two ice cream sodas this morning, all right and ditto.