Facsimile [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Facsimile:

If he’s not smarter and more imaginative than previous facsimiles, he will fail.

You don’t have to try to turn your house or apartment into an Epcot-esque facsimile of your favorite destination—the point isn’t to actually fool yourself into thinking you’re there.

For years, LED-based substitutes were only vague facsimiles of the real deal—static teardrop bulbs atop formless plastic cylinders.

The voters should receive some rough facsimile of the agenda they voted for, as that’s what allows them to decide how to vote in future elections.

Colbert is back filming on a facsimile of his real set, though not in his usual studio, and he’s performing for an audience that includes his most trusted producers and his family.

The one given in the present volume is a photographic facsimile of the Harvard original.

After having copies of the rather simple document drawn up for the facsimile broadcasters, Vyrtl gave her leave to depart.

Father Hennepin made a sketch of the falls in 1678, a facsimile of which shows that many striking features have disappeared.

A translation of his account and a facsimile of the medal may be seen in the Bulletin de la Socit de l'hist.

In 1877 Mr. Quaritch had a copy for sale with a vi, a viii, and the last leaf in facsimile, which he priced 200.