Twin [adjective]

Definition of Twin:

duplicate, similar

Synonyms of Twin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twin:

Sentence/Example of Twin:

They are twin plants of the forest, and are identified with its growth.

That I had but eyes, to look upon these twin invaders of domestic peace!'

In the end a pair of twin lights were seen perched on the summit.

Had not their twin brotherhood drunk life from the same source?

There I left her too, for I wanted to see what the twin mice were about.

The Owlet is twin to that quaint little bird, so its name flew to her and stayed.

Her twin in mischief is Puck, and she, too, is fond of paying visits to the bungalow.

Bailey appeared to wilt under her gaze as if the spectacles were twin suns.

Here he begat a family consisting of five pairs of twin male children.

If Ase could afford clothes like that he might be his twin brother.