Coupled [verb]

Definition of Coupled:

join two things

Synonyms of Coupled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coupled:

Sentence/Example of Coupled:

To this general swell pedal (and its corresponding indicator key) any or all of the other swell pedals may be coupled at will.

An absence of ducats, coupled with the necessity of getting my handicap down to ten, has prevented my speaking ere this.

The more general opinion seems to be that a license coupled with a grant or interest cannot be revoked.

Be careful, unless you wish your name coupled with his, how you dance too often with the same gentleman.

The belfry window on each face is divided into three lights with coupled shafts.

These courses coupled with the original fundamental courses provided a rich curriculum for the public school children of Virginia.

The excitement coupled with extreme fatigue was almost too much for the poor woman.

The trolley is an articulated frame 77 ft. long in five sections coupled together with pins.

These two men are always coupled together when allusion is made to eloquence.

These insignias, coupled with the extraordinary corpulence of the rider, designated Louis the Lusty to Fergan.