Unlike [adjective]

Definition of Unlike:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unlike:

Sentence/Example of Unlike:

Unlike Mlle. Higbee, she has not the father from Chicago nor elsewhere.

She was not moralizing; at least it was unlike any moralizing that they had ever heard.

Garson answered with a note of weariness that was unlike him.

There was something about her eyes not unlike the dog's expression, submissive, but questioning.

I have one dreary, cold room, as unlike this as two rooms can be.

Unlike Shakespeare's cardinal, they did not die without a sign.

Unlike that, however, it has an important and salutary moral.

Unlike my own youth, it might be coming back some day; but there was little promise of it.

But he was as unlike to Shylock as it is possible to conceive.

For, unlike mere insomnia, lying awake at night in the woods is pleasant.