Dissonant [adjective]

Definition of Dissonant:

different, conflicting

Synonyms of Dissonant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissonant:

Sentence/Example of Dissonant:

An axe shows up in the third act, but The Shining is referenced throughout, especially through Kris Bowers’ shrieking, dissonant score.

Such was the case for 2011’s Crack Up, the band’s first album in six years, in which band leader Robin Pecknold introduced dark, dissonant elements to the bands’ previously pleasant, uplifting sound.

It produced comparatively little foundation tone and a powerful chord of harmonics, many of them dissonant.

No Russian, whose dissonant, consonant name Almost rattles to fragments the trumpet of fame?Postscript.

Christmas, too, closed, and the steeples no longer jangled forth a dissonant peal.

Practise dissonant chords until they please the ear in spite of their sharpness.

It was followed by shouts of dissonant laughter, unlike the cheering sounds of human mirth.

However, our finest compositions contain numerous dissonant chords; and many—perhaps most—are in the minor key.

There are still other scenes in this play so tense with emotion that words would be intrusive and dissonant.

But the half-stifled despair that cries out from the older book returns no dissonant echo in the new.