Incompatible [adjective]

Definition of Incompatible:

antagonistic, contradictory

Opposite/Antonyms of Incompatible:

Sentence/Example of Incompatible:

Violence is incompatible with the exercise of democratic rights and freedoms.

The law prohibits employers from firing, demoting or otherwise retaliating against workers who refuse to take part in activities they believe are incompatible with public health and safety mandates.

Additionally, the amount of data being collected by companies was exploding, but they usually spread it across many storage facilities and kept it in incompatible formats.

One section of the ordinance, which regulates behavior around elections, campaign finance and lobbying, bans so-called “incompatible activities.”

To meet global demand, producers have continued to burn coal at a rate that’s incompatible with international climate goals and a stable climate.

Frankly, we must say that this is inconceivably incompatible with Señor Paternoʼs clear intelligence.

Glory is not incompatible with youth, and the hero of the 26th February may become the hero of the 9th January.

Surely they must possess certain merits which do not harmonise together and certain virtues which are incompatible.

Certainly, the existence of such old ruins of the middle-ages is incompatible with the grandeurs of modern Paris.

You have seen, Madam, in my preceding letter, the incompatible and contradictory ideas which this religion gives us of the Deity.