Inadmissible [adjective]

Definition of Inadmissible:

not appropriate

Synonyms of Inadmissible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inadmissible:

Sentence/Example of Inadmissible:

The demand which was made upon himself was altogether inadmissible.

But the nimbus was not worn at all at this early period; such a criterion is therefore inadmissible.

Unanimity is impossible; and the rule of a majority, as a permanent arrangement, is wholly inadmissible.

As in these cases, the hypothesis of a single focus is inadmissible.

And then, "You are not a dying man, Messer Basterga, or you would think—few things inadmissible."

The proposal, if seriously made, was treated as inadmissible, and Mary again resumed her purpose of escape.

And yet, the doubt being not wholly inadmissible, I class this experiment among those of which I do not purpose to make any use.

Theoretically, the question is inadmissible, as no one would put the human ideal beneath the brutal.

It serves only to show that the peculiar meaning ascribed by the Eleate to Non-Ens is inadmissible.

To me this modern discovery or hypothesis appears inadmissible.