Unqualified [adjective]

Definition of Unqualified:

not prepared, incompetent

Synonyms of Unqualified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unqualified:

Sentence/Example of Unqualified:

That one example, moreover, has been a success as unqualified as undeniable.

He could have wept over the realization of his unqualified impotency.

While she spoke the young man gazed at her in unqualified amazement.

Needless to say the experiment was not an unqualified success.

It is impossible to give them the proof and unqualified reassurance that they seek.

It was an unqualified avowal of divine parentage, and inherent Godship.

William, on his part, regarded his sister with unqualified admiration.

Flora had a large and unqualified share of the good old man's sympathy.

This, of course, is only true if stated in the most unqualified form.

An insolent lie—and scarcely removed from an unqualified lie!