Competent [adjective]

Definition of Competent:


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Sentence/Example of Competent:

Unfortunately, I had studied so little at that time, that I don't feel as if I were competent to judge him.

Sometimes the tracing down may have been done by some advanced pupil or competent assistant.

Judging from the rapid progress he made in a short time, this teacher must have been thoroughly competent.

That persons competent to judge of their merit would in after years pronounce them of priceless value.

The things these fellows produce are all read and checked by competent General Staff Officers.

We do not pretend to be competent to judge whether or not that work might be better done.

The only body which was competent to take away from the children of Maria Theresa their hereditary rights was the Comes.

The young man's consent and the magnetic manipulation of a competent physician are sufficient for the transmigration.

After a perusal of this new American idyl, no competent critic will contend that we lack proper themes for poetry in our own land.

It was because England had not provided herself with a competent rural police.