Qualified [adjective]

Definition of Qualified:

limited; restricted; able, skillful

Synonyms of Qualified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Qualified:

Sentence/Example of Qualified:

They would certainly be desirable had we one qualified for the task.

But this time she could get no more than a qualified promise out of me.

Circumstances, I should say, qualified Bunyan perfectly well for the work which he had to do.

This kind of political economy can only be qualified as false and deceitful.

She had "just loved" them, but he had qualified his admiration.

And we must not forget to mention how the judges are to be qualified, and who they are to be.

It was plain that she wished to admire, for his sake, but her admiration was qualified.

Albert was inclined to resent the qualified strain in the bookkeeper's praise.

But where, it will be said, is the qualified teacher to be found?

"You had better wait till you are qualified," said Paul, coolly.