Instructed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Instructed:

He was further instructed to hand over his consulate archives to the British Consul, who would take charge of American interests.

I have been admonished and instructed by the systematic economy which is practiced even in great houses.

Benefices and missions of the bishopric of Camarines, and the number of souls instructed therein.

The men were instructed to work their way carefully to the bank of the stream, but not to show themselves.

A car conductor is instructed to treat passengers civilly and to use no harsh means with them, save in extreme cases.

After finishing her dinner she went to her room, having instructed the boy to tell any other callers that she was indisposed.

He instructed the black woman to go at once and inform Madame Lebrun that Mrs. Pontellier desired to see her.

He can act only as the agent of the other party when the terms of the contract are settled and he is instructed to finish it.

He hath instructed the said Francisco Uville in the art of making drawings of mines, and in engineering.

One week later, the New York deputies, having been properly instructed, cast the vote of their colony for the resolution also.