Knowledgeable [adjective]

Definition of Knowledgeable:

aware, educated

Opposite/Antonyms of Knowledgeable:

Sentence/Example of Knowledgeable:

This is a handy resource for conference and event organizers looking for knowledgeable female speakers.

The constant challenge of trying to find the balance between striving to be recognized as a knowledgeable expert and being dismissed as, well, “the B word.”

It means that people are more knowledgeable on issues of viruses and vaccines, and how to slow the spread of a pandemic.

You become the authority, we believe that we know and we will know even more moving forward that you are a celebrity, knowledgeable on search engines, and so we will promote your content because you write high-quality documents.

People looking to deepen their understanding of race and inequality may benefit more from participating in a dialogue that features many different perspectives—ideally, with someone knowledgeable about the material at hand guiding the discussion.

They're passionate and knowledgeable about the field and it shows in the excellent selection on display at the stores.

Mr. Chard, that knowledgeable man of the world, exuded not at all by chance the impression of great quantities of available cash.

In the near future, I may well need an assistant knowledgeable in the field of violence.

But you didn't carry him round, and hear him talk—knowledgeable talk as you could ask from one of his age.

But as far as I know, he had no knowledgeable conversation with anyone there.