Uneducated [adjective]

Definition of Uneducated:

lacking knowledge

Synonyms of Uneducated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uneducated:

Sentence/Example of Uneducated:

But to the uneducated eye of Andrew Lanning it was a great and dignified building.

She was uneducated and ill-mannered, impulsive and quarrelsome.

Their ideas of history, for instance, are simply cheap and uneducated.

But Panther was not pleased to think that his brother was so uneducated, so he had him study.

To the uneducated person he would appear to be the ideal of a judge.

But uneducated colonists, who are unacquainted with each other, will not be likely to choose well.

Most of his companions were uneducated men, accustomed, as he was not, to the rough life.

They were natural and gentlemanly, even down to the poorest and most uneducated.

The same is evident from the spelling of uneducated persons in our own day.

It may be replied that these were all or nearly all from the letters of the ignorant and uneducated.