Unrefined [adjective]

Definition of Unrefined:


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Sentence/Example of Unrefined:

Altogether there was something about him 18 that struck Maya as unrefined.

Those of his kindred with whom you will associate are unrefined and mean.

To be sure, Mrs. Goodenough was a commonplace, unrefined woman.

Plain and unrefined as Mrs. Strong was, she had a good, generous heart.

Their taste is unrefined, but they are inclined to respect grace and dignity.

Adaptability: a mystery, 9;in lifes journey, 44;to unrefined people, 72.

She thought twins vulgar and most unrefined, and could not bear to discuss them.

Still less was she hard, uncultured, undignified, unrefined.

She thought him unrefined, noisy, but probably good-hearted and generous.

Not apt to arts or crafts, they had, and have, an unrefined delight in bright colours.