Unwise [adjective]

Definition of Unwise:

stupid, irresponsible

Opposite/Antonyms of Unwise:

Sentence/Example of Unwise:

It is unwise to enter into war or friendship without seeing to the reserves.

However, I realized that it was unwise to attempt the journey, and I must stay behind.

It would be unwise, indeed impossible for more than a few steps.

Fools and unwise are they who choose not beauteous men to be their generals.

It is unwise, to say the least, to attempt to cover the social universe in one course.

This is a truth which the unwise cannot comprehend or concur in, and which they will not believe or trust.

Putting oil or other fluids in the ear to drown it is unwise.

Reading when lying down or from the light of a fireplace is unwise.

There is always room at the top, though perhaps it is unwise to buy there.

And it was possibly as unwise and headstrong a thing as a girl could well do.