Unjustifiable [adjective]

Definition of Unjustifiable:


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Sentence/Example of Unjustifiable:

This I imagine to be not ignorance, but unjustifiable license.

This did really seem to me a ruthless and unjustifiable proceeding.

He was half angry with himself for a step which now appeared so unjustifiable.

And I cannot but think that the Dean has interfered in a most unjustifiable manner.

Thousands of peaceful natives were treated with unjustifiable ferocity.

Then I heard of some unjustifiable though, perhaps, natural things he said.

Was there any torment ever so cruel, ever so unjustifiable as this!

Your conduct is in the last degree illegal and unjustifiable.

Further interference with the Hejaz, unless invited, would be unjustifiable.

He knew that Harris had left him in anger and indignation not unjustifiable.