Inexcusable [adjective]

Definition of Inexcusable:

not forgivable

Synonyms of Inexcusable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inexcusable:

Sentence/Example of Inexcusable:

It is very inexcusable in him if he stops to play with any other boys, said the young lady, smiling.

And hardly a degree less menacing is this gigantic octapus of labor unionism—of inexcusable socialism.

Unless it is because of a dream, what you have just now told me is entirely inexcusable.

He thought it very wrong and selfish and quite inexcusable on the part of the Church authorities.

The protracted delays and inexcusable sluggishness of the leaders had borne their natural fruits.

Crime implies bad intentions, or mistakes that result from inexcusable neglect of available knowledge.

Napoleon however, with inexcusable but characteristic meanness, would not allow its publication.

It was no intentional or deliberate malice that induced me to act towards you as I did, but inexcusable thoughtlessness alone.

It it really inexcusable in my brother not to have provided wine, as it is so beneficial and necessary to me.

My Generals are inexcusable; either for advising you so ill, or in permitting you to follow resolutions so unwise.