Intolerable [adjective]

Definition of Intolerable:

unacceptable; beyond bearing

Synonyms of Intolerable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intolerable:

Sentence/Example of Intolerable:

It combats ennui, lassitude, and intolerable vacuity, soothing the nerves and diverting attention from self.

To make my position more intolerable, I am persona non grata with both sides.

Rain storms, hot winds, sweltering intervals of intolerable heat—these were vagaries of nature and might be endured.

They pay the penalty in that late—sometimes not so late—intolerable maddening ennui.

Age asks with timidity to be spared intolerable pain; youth, taking fortune by the beard, demands joy like a right.

It was my husbands position which I found so intolerable that finally I implored him to send in his resignation.

It interfered with Long's gambling career, a situation which—to a man of Long's type—was altogether intolerable.

As they slowly advanced up the long room, Daphne felt it almost intolerable to watch them, and her pulses began to race.

Thus the conversation that is conceded in a club smoking-room would be intolerable in the boudoir.

Home, where nothing comes to distract me from my gnawing griefs and almost intolerable thoughts.