Undue [adjective]

Definition of Undue:

excessive, unnecessary

Opposite/Antonyms of Undue:

Sentence/Example of Undue:

His cousin, M. Charbonnel, got the will reduced on the ground of undue influence.

There was an air of undue haste—a precipitancy and rush not all reassuring.

As long as they made no undue noise, they were left to their own devices.

The mischief is in the blood,—I mean, in the undue distribution of the blood.

But their attitude arrested him; he felt an undue strain in the air.

The natural result of stretching the law to undue limits is to weaken it.

This is, possibly, an undue assertion of the superiority of man.

There was the whole day before him; so what need of undue speed.

The claims of Totnes have been set forth with no undue modesty.

But the other was determined not to take any undue advantage.