Extravagant [adjective]

Definition of Extravagant:

indulgent, wasteful

Opposite/Antonyms of Extravagant:

Sentence/Example of Extravagant:

The trick to making this vacation as special as possible will be to go all-out and do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, things that feel dreamy and extravagant no matter where you end up.

An electric toothbrush—at once practical and extravagant—makes a surprisingly good gift.

That doesn’t include the extravagant jewels and other trinkets used to adorn them.

Moreover, he has managed to thrive despite being a teetotaler in a political party whose leaders are famed for wheeling and dealing at extravagant late-night drinking sessions.

When more extravagant luxuries seem out of reach, the index suggests, lipstick is an affordable treat.

Second, they wouldn’t have to waste money on extravagant clothes to participate in state festivals.

I should have made the dumplings with more fruit in them, master, only Letty cautioned me not to be extravagant with the plums.

Immediately Aguinaldo had fallen captive, all kinds of extravagant and erroneous versions were current as to how it had happened.

I thought the little fellow extravagant in his demands, but, rather than lose the chance, submitted.

In their voyage up the river Niger, their description of the scenes is extravagant.