Unreasonable [adjective]

Definition of Unreasonable:

not logical or sensible

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreasonable:

Sentence/Example of Unreasonable:

I do not ask you to answer in words—you are past that, and I am not unreasonable.

Even in my benevolence I was as impatient and unreasonable as a child.

Why, last night, now, was ever any creature so unreasonable?

To Dr. Eben, the very sight of the child was a bitter and unreasonable pain.

The plural vexed Temple, and he told himself how unreasonable the vexation was.

She's unreasonable about it; she didn't know he was in want till long after.

This time they did not dare to rebel, for they felt she was in the right; they were unreasonable.

The thought of it all so exasperates me that at times I am as unreasonable as yourself.

Great and unreasonable folly I am sure I showed—but I shall do so no more.

When Bessie was most unreasonable one only wanted to kiss her.