Correct [adjective]

Definition of Correct:

accurate, exact

Opposite/Antonyms of Correct:

Sentence/Example of Correct:

For telegrams the spelling does n't matter; the people at the office correct it—or if they don't you can put it off on them.

I was perfectly amazed to see how many little ugly habits I had to correct of which I had not been the least aware.

That was by no means what Garnache had implied; still, since it really expressed his mind, he did not trouble to correct Marius.

With children of finer perception the transition to a correct profile view may be carried much further.

In 1881 the appearance of the figures was improved by their being painted in correct colours.

This rule, theoretically correct, must be very liberally interpreted in practice.

There are many cases like this in which one's common sense fails to furnish a correct, yet needful guide.

That sort of existence has kept more women up to the correct standard than anything else except poverty.

Thus once again was Siyes' saying proved correct: "He is a blackbird who thinks himself an eagle."

We are literally correct in saying that a veritable revolution has already been effected—and the end is not yet.