Undistorted [adjective]

Definition of Undistorted:

accurate, precise

Synonyms of Undistorted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undistorted:

Sentence/Example of Undistorted:

Her undistorted feet were the most beautiful of all, but she did not know that.

You know as much as you once did, and the information is up to date, correct and undistorted.

The other chapters fill in what I hope is an undistorted picture of the potential beauties and realities of marriage.

And in fact this particular index in human skulls varies from about 58 to 90 in undistorted examples (fig. 4).

His narrative never stands out in that "dry light" which Bacon so commends, the light of undistorted and clear Truth.

Her feelings were nakedly apparent to him, as meaningless as his room had been in that flash of undistorted thought.

Here all is easy, natural, undistorted, but withal what a mass of woe is here accumulated!

Love is the only medium in which vision gains perfect clearness, becomes trustworthy and undistorted.

I would have expected that an undistorted high velocity missile striking the wrist would not have carried material into it.

This could have been produced by a missile entering in the ordinary fashion, undisturbed, undistorted.