Invalid [adjective]

Definition of Invalid:

worthless; unfounded

Synonyms of Invalid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invalid:

Sentence/Example of Invalid:

A chunk of stimulus payments is missing in action, thanks to a mix up that put as many as 13 million checks into invalid bank accounts.

Case in point, a recent study from BDEX found that a full 25 percent of device identifiers are invalid.

“Nonetheless, it persisted with these invalid fixes that West Virginia and the Corps have tried and it can’t come to this court now and ask this court to consider that in the equitable balance,” Teaney said.

In her confirmation hearings in October, too, Barrett seemed to suggest that the individual mandate — if unconstitutional — wouldn’t necessarily mean the rest of the ACA would be invalid.

Voters reportedly have raised concerns over rumors that the county lent voters Sharpie pens to cast their votes, allegedly making them invalid, according to the Arizona Republic.

The landlady had related the tragic history of the dead mother and the invalid aunt.

The officer, with less delicacy of attention to the supposed slumbers of an invalid, followed him.

Nowadays, however, the latter was somewhat of an invalid, and seldom left their London house in Hill Street.

Suffering from paralysis for years previous, his mental energy, as a chronic invalid, was amazing.

It must not be that a man so good, so kind, so altogether faithful to us all should be an invalid forever.