Unimportant [adjective]

Definition of Unimportant:

of no real worth, value

Opposite/Antonyms of Unimportant:

Sentence/Example of Unimportant:

And it made work, and all things else, look mean and poor and unimportant.

Unimportant as this may seem now, it then occasioned intense excitement.

The beauty of women is unimportant but the number of women is very important.

Cornish made some unimportant remark, which the other did not answer.

During the whole time we had all been, with unimportant exceptions, in good health.

All truths valuable as they are characteristic.generality which renders it unimportant.

Or is it unimportant how many foggy days there are in his life?

The misadventures have been few and unimportant, the child I spoke of being the only one killed.

He had only some casual order, some message, some unimportant explanation.

This story, however, has a brief but not unimportant sequel.