Minute [adjective]

Definition of Minute:

very small

Synonyms of Minute:

Opposite/Antonyms of Minute:

Sentence/Example of Minute:

He cries a minute, then forgets all about it, and grabs up something else to play with.

Losing a million a minute, even in sleep, he thought, was disquieting.

Nothing matters except that I've got this minute here with you.

And that minute he turned me from a scared kid into an outlaw—a killer.

Andy heard, for his ears were sharpened: "I thought for a minute—But it does look like him!"

"You grow dearer every minute," she assured them on her last night at home.

"Ask Mrs. Holroyd if she will have the kindness to come here for a minute," he said to the servant.

His sufferings were so acute that a minute examination of his injuries could not be made.

The minute they know you're without your whip they go for you like tigers at a wounded trainer.

You'll see his head appear at that corner in a minute, and then, look out!