Exiguous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Exiguous:

We can extract from these exiguous provisions nothing in the nature of a policy imposed by Parliament on the Central Authority.

No one can maintain the position of a gentleman with more exiguous resources than often fall to his share.

Women in dreams of diaphanous and exiguous raiment stared derisively at the trio as they passed their tables.

He pondered these matters as he ate, spinning out his exiguous meal to its uttermost crumb to make it as satisfying as possible.

The skill with which he managed the exiguous finances of the exiled court earned him further confidence and promotion.

It could not be made to penetrate the exiguous oven of the little gas-stove, but we bribed the janitress to cook it for us.

We got up, had a cheery and exiguous breakfast to distant, intermittent firing, then did a little work on our bicycles.

Very sleepily indeed we rode along an exiguous path by the side of the cobbles.

One of us spent all his spare time at this café in silent adoration—of the piano, for his French was exiguous in the extreme.

Its two grave-like bunks, its drop table, even its exiguous armchair promised no comfort.