Meager [adjective]

Definition of Meager:

small, inadequate; poor

Synonyms of Meager:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meager:

Sentence/Example of Meager:

With his meager strength he assisted, and the two managed to lower the body gently.

Yet, his comment, meager as it was, stood wholly in Mary's favor.

They were beautiful eyes, but the rest of Rose, oh, how pinched and meager!

It was part of my plan, this meager manning of the bandit ship.

The help they offered was meager, and slow, but it sufficed.

The curriculum was meager, the teaching poor and the discipline cruel.

The meager record of Florida necessitated about thirty letters of inquiry.

We were ready—as ready as we could be with our meager equipment.

What meager tithe do you bestow upon the religion of which you speak so much?

His education was meager, but he had mastered Daboll's Arithmetic.