Infertile [adjective]

Definition of Infertile:

not bearing fruit, young

Synonyms of Infertile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infertile:

Sentence/Example of Infertile:

If satisfactory results are to be obtained, the eggs should be fresh and clean and, if possible, infertile.

On the ninth and tenth day the fertile and infertile eggs were of equal number.

While many of the hybrid products of horticulturists are certainly infertile, others appear to be indefinitely fertile.

An infertile egg is clear, that is, shows no signs of development or decay, at every period of incubation.

When the parts are deficient, the flowers are called barren or infertile.

This bird crosses readily with tame hens, but the hybrids are believed to be infertile.

Hybrids, or so-called mules, are infertile, and incapable of reproducing their kind.

These brought among them diseases which have corrupted their blood, and made them infertile and of poor stamina.

But if the unions be infertile, the isolation will be preserved, and the two varieties will continue separate.

It evidently had its origin in infertile regions in the endeavour to limit the population to the resources of the district.