Fruitful [adjective]

Definition of Fruitful:


Opposite/Antonyms of Fruitful:

Sentence/Example of Fruitful:

Nothing, however, can save us but a union, which would turn our barren hills into fruitful valleys.

Our escort was mounted within a few minutes, and we were in full gallop over the fruitful levels of Champagne.

It seemed an unpromising subject, but they fell upon it with ardour, and found it strangely fruitful.

Why did he quit the fruitful banks of the Euphrates for a spot so remote, so barren, and so stony as Sichem?

One of the most fruitful fields for this instrument is undoubtedly stellar spectroscopy.

And so Allen recounted what had taken place during that fruitful half hour in the shadows of the trees.

Meanwhile the tithe question became & fruitful source of discontent and bloodshed.

The 14th century was fruitful in illustrations of the difficulties which beset the work of the Gilds.

He married the already fruitful Mary, and her child passed amongst the neighbours as being the son of Joseph.

The waters that men taught to make the land fruitful have been only its destruction when they were left uncontrolled.