Rich [adjective]

Definition of Rich:

having a lot of money

Opposite/Antonyms of Rich:

Sentence/Example of Rich:

"It is a good thing to have a rich son," said Captain Rushton, humorously.

I wonder whether I shall ever be rich enough to live like this!

He was rich and he was willing to take the daughter without a single penny.

Our life contains every great thing, and contains it in rich abundance.

That which was the body has come to be only the rich fringe of the nation's robe.

There's at least one rich gent that'll contribute maybe that much more.

Nothing save a rich garment could ever hide the plague-spot.

Why didn't the rich girl help her if she thought so much of her?

And Connie Hancock, bouncing about hospitably in the large, rich house.

Charles Merchant, the son of rich John Merchant, was behind the wheel.