Gilded [adjective]

Definition of Gilded:

adorned in metal

Synonyms of Gilded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gilded:


Sentence/Example of Gilded:

The evident difficulty of getting billionaire wealth to trickle down to everyone else is a challenge for policymakers in our new gilded era.

The book follows her as she climbs the R&B charts into a “gilded cage,” as she describes her a marriage to music executive Tommy Mottola.

The faint candle-light glimmered on a ponderous gilded cornice, which had also sustained violence.

Captain Lovelock got up as well; Bernard heard him knock over his little gilded chair.

St. Ildefonso's gilded pinnacles next presented themselves on the declivity of a beautiful hill.

From the ceiling, which was divided into compartments painted in dark red and blue, hung a heavy lamp by a chain of gilded silver.

A gilded coach, drawn by the most beautiful horses in the richest trappings, sweeps along the streets—a gorgeous vision.

These bright hopes gilded a prayerful mother's hours of toil and care.

However cleverly the pill was gilded, the Marshal knew that it was the Emperor's distrust which had lost him the command.

Within two months from the date of the design for a gilded column Trevithick had passed away.