Moneyed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Moneyed:

I require your confidence for what I have already said; but I know you have money, and moneyed friends.

The plucking he had received as a moneyed youth rankled in his heart.

Nothing is too good for an American's daughter (I speak here of the moneyed classes).

He is a moneyed man, and not a year ago, gave the town a new library.

At least half a dozen moneyed men are ready to go in with us on this project.

George soon gathered that Egbert had been much in moneyed circles.

A great crash has fallen upon the moneyed interest of England.

He was a moneyed man now, with an extravagant wife, but no children.

Henry acted on this advice, and went to London in search of a moneyed partner.

Well, I have ransacked London, and all the moneyed men shy me.