Swimming [adjective]

Definition of Swimming:

existing in liquid

Synonyms of Swimming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swimming:


Sentence/Example of Swimming:

Thoughts of crossing the stream by swimming occurred to him.

Now the full moon had risen, and the world was swimming in silver light.

The walls are painted with trees and birds and swimming fish and statues.

And the bathers plunge into the swimming tank with loud splashes.

There was a golden drinking cup with swimming fish on its sides.

Driving, swimming, rowing, and other manly sports should be favored.

He rushed for the kindling, picking out a swimming raisin as he ran.

A little later, with Frank and Fenn, he went to the swimming hole.

Then, turning to Sandy he said "Will you help me row the boat up to the swimming hole?"

It was the name on the envelope of that letter Frank got the day we were in swimming.