Wealthy [adjective]

Definition of Wealthy:

rich; having a lot of money

Synonyms of Wealthy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wealthy:

Sentence/Example of Wealthy:

There is in this city a rag-picker so wealthy that he can afford to drink wine every day.

Her people are wealthy, but she'll have nothing but what Palmer makes.

Unless you consider it your vocation to be a wealthy American.

Because you have merely indicated that you are a wealthy American.

Nor, though among the wealthy of the city, is he an aristocrat in feeling.

My brother was servile; he has attached himself to the retinue of a wealthy Baroness.

What did I want to pose so to him for—as if papa were a wealthy man and all that?

In a village in that section there once dwelt a wealthy man.

Many were built as monuments by wealthy men and by emperors.

Yes, sir, a very eccentric man; and he must have been wealthy too.