Independent [adjective]

Definition of Independent:

liberated, free

Opposite/Antonyms of Independent:

Sentence/Example of Independent:

You can take a home-office deduction only if you’re self-employed, an independent contractor or a gig worker.

On top of that, independent chefs have used the format to launch pop-ups from within their own restaurants.

Using Google Lens, she scanned one of the spoons, and within seconds, she received dozens of results from places such as eBay, big-box stores and independent resellers.

I’m looking for an independent, easy-going, family-oriented, trustworthy, fun-loving man who is looking for someone to complement his life.

Among registered voters, the Berkeley IGS survey found only 11 percent of registered Democrats and 32 percent of independents would vote to recall Newsom.

By 2010, there were independent competitions around the world and veteran instructors operating in most major cities.

Stricter privacy legislation and the demise of the third-party cookie shouldn’t necessarily threaten the viability of independent publishers within the digital advertising ecosystem.

AWS’s story is incomplete without acknowledging the legendary role of an independent team of engineers and developers in Cape Town.

The city’s independent budget analyst has long urged city officials to consider how the city might address its major infrastructure gap that spans everything from stormwater projects to road repairs.

In Virginia, McNamer said, faculty and staff members at the majority of the organization’s 17 independent schools — in Fairfax County, Arlington and Alexandria — have already received a first dose of vaccine.