Uncontrolled [adjective]

Definition of Uncontrolled:


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Sentence/Example of Uncontrolled:

They were canceled and from that time on the market was uncontrolled.

He remembered the vastness and the rawness of the uncontrolled atmosphere.

But with a wide, uncontrolled gesture he held up the ring for her to see.

It was such a tone, loose, harsh and uncontrolled, as made Flora shrink.

Do you wonder I didn't give way to any wild, uncontrolled joy?

This was the wail, insistent, uncontrolled, of the smallest child of all.

Tinkler thumped the desk with his hand in a state of uncontrolled excitement.

"Yes," Holbury's laugh rang with the uncontrolled quality of a maniac's.

She was a rich young widow, uncontrolled, and without children.

His voice was thick with uncontrolled passion, his hand was cold.