Ungoverned [adjective]

Definition of Ungoverned:


Synonyms of Ungoverned:

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Sentence/Example of Ungoverned:

Mike got to cover; his ungoverned tongue was always playing him tricks.

Suspicions aroused by the chatter of a wild, ungoverned child?

It had stretched where it would, ungoverned, unhampered, unarrested.

I was a foolish and ungoverned creature in those days of no-grace.

They had communicated their energy, their life, their free and ungoverned humour.

I was too much inspired by the ungoverned energy of the new broom.

This is all your own fault, the consequence of your own ungoverned and violent temper.

My mind was certainly a mere field of confused, ungoverned images.

It was youth that moved him, his own ungoverned youth, but it seemed to him life, and that all life was like it.

For the first time in his life he was a free man, ungoverned and unguided.