Unconstrained [adjective]

Definition of Unconstrained:


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Sentence/Example of Unconstrained:

Its boundaries are unconstrained, and graceful, and sweeping.

He gave her a glimpse of his unconstrained self in the low vehement “You dare!”

Nothing could be more easy and unconstrained than the air and bearing of the guests.

True love cannot be divided, and must be voluntary and unconstrained.

His position was easy and unconstrained, and his seat was firm.

She was so unconstrained, this charming child, she knew not how handsome she was.

One who is frank has a fearless and unconstrained truthfulness.

It must be the unconstrained, natural outcome of the real man.

His mirth, formerly so ready and unconstrained, had departed.

It is my wish that all may be free and unconstrained between us.