Depraved [adjective]

Definition of Depraved:

corrupt, immoral

Synonyms of Depraved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depraved:

Sentence/Example of Depraved:

Gullible and angry, they were rioting for a lie, and they were using social media – including Parler – to issue depraved threats and to organize resistance to the American republic.

In this depraved state of mind he arrived at Perpignan, where that befell him which I am about to relate.

The sculpture and frescoes of the period of course exhibited the depraved taste and debased execution of the times.

But though all the curates were in an utterly false position they were not all equally depraved.

How comes it then, that human nature, notwithstanding the death of a God, is still depraved?

There is no more depraved class of people in the world than those human vultures who fatten on the shame of innocent young girls.

These depraved traffickers were regarded with the greatest loathing by the Roman people.

The tin-type man, under the platform, was taking tin-types to make a man remember how he was depraved.

What does the Duchess mean by your daughter's being—as I understood you to quote her just now—'damaged and depraved'?

All of you, back on Earth, were vicious and depraved criminals.