Honorable [adjective]

Definition of Honorable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Honorable:

Sentence/Example of Honorable:

God bless the Capitol Police and the honorable men & women of law enforcement who show great courage keeping all of us safe.

At Buffalo, where this fountain was exhibited, it received honorable mention.

It still, I am glad to hear, runs an honorable and profitable course, which its merits well deserve.

And of that she was equally sure, for how could he do any man or any woman wrong, this sincere and honorable Christian gentleman?

For at least ten years previous to 1901, San Francisco had enjoyed a period of not only decent but honorable government.

Against the Stamp Act, honorable members were reminded, there was a special objection to be urged.

Captain Morgan served in many vessels since the war, his service has been both varied and honorable.

Let each one make the case his own, and endeavor to rival his neighbor, in honorable competition.

He was upright, honorable, and virtuous; entertaining religious scruples similar to the Friends.

Among the prisoners taken was the honorable Archibald Campbell, and 271 Highlanders.